Decorating with Pre-Ruffled Fabric!

16 Feb


pre-ruffled fabric 1


pre-ruffled fabric 2


pre-ruffled fabric 3


pre-ruffled fabric 4


pre-ruffled fabric 5


I really love pre-ruffled fabric. And as for someone that has only been sewing for a couple years, it is just amazing. It saves so much time and I love the colors and textures of the material.


Plus,  pre-ruffled fabric comes in so many different ruffle widths. There are endless possibilities when it comes to projects that be dreamed up using ruffled fabric.


There are so many projects you can make with this pre-ruffled  fabric. Here are a few of our  favorites from around the web:
1. Ruffled Skirt    2. Easter Basket Liner   3. Ruffled Dress out of an Old T-Shirt       4. Ruffled Crib Skirt
5. Ruffled Pillow on the Bias      6. Ruffled Desk Skirt        7. 20-Minute Ruffle Dress        8. Ruffled Tote
9. Ruffle Pillow           10. Ruffled Runner           11. Ruffled Duvet           12. Coastal Skirt           13. Ruffle Pillow
14. Ruffle hat                  15. Ruffle Tree Skirt


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