Awesome!!!BIG Unveils Plans for Its New Twisting Residential Skyscraper in Vancouver!

17 Feb










The way the news has been going lately, you’d think BIG architects are involved with every major project up for grabs – and now there’s another one to add to the list. VancityBuzz reports that BIG just unveiled a proposal for a new residential tower in Vancouver on the corner of Beach & Howe Street adjacent to the Granville Bridge.


The twisting tower rises up from a triangular base away from the noisy highway in order to minimize its shade impact on a park across the street. Although the details are a bit sketchy, the Beach & Howe Tower seems to be in line with BIG’s other projects and will likely include energy-efficient design, natural daylighting, and a mixed-use layout.


Although the twisting residential tower is located next to the busy Granville Street Bridge, the building’s twisting form works to minimize the noise by angling away at the bottom and then twisting as it rises up. This twisting tower  also works to help sunlight reach a park across the street from the building.


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