Have You Ever Ridden a Natural Fiber Bicycle?

17 Feb


Natural Fiber Bicycle 1


Natural Fiber Bicycle 2


Natural Fiber Bicycle 3


Natural Fiber Bicycle 4


Natural Fiber Bicycle 5


Natural Fiber Bicycle 6


Natural Fiber Bicycle 7


The further the world steps forward, the farther we’re kept away from the nature. But fortunately there’re still many designers who are devoted to come up with natural, eco-friendly things, like“Natural Fiber Bicycle”.


It’s an organic-seeming mode of transportation, with woven fiber coating around the body of a bike. The special bicycle is designed by Jarbas Lopes Named as “Cicloviaérea”, the series includes bicycles of different shapes, which are both enjoyable and usable as well.


The natural fiber bicycle is a so eco-friendly thing that close to nature. It’s really creative and interesting. I bet you never seen a bicycle like this before.


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