I-Beam Design Uses 20,000 LEGOs to Create a Playfully Pixelated Apartment

17 Feb










When the son of Melissa Marks and Vicente Caride got too old not to have a door on his bedroom, they decided it was time to make some renovations to their New York loft apartment. So they called in I-Beam Design for help, and together with LEGO artist Sean Kenney, they built a new stair railing and wall out of 20,000 LEGO bricks. Colorful, flexible, and very fun, this renovated space beautifully showcases everyone’s favorite building block.


Using mostly primary colors, the kid’s room is minimal and playful. I-Beam designed the 20,000 LEGO blocks staircase, while artist Sean Kenney worked with the family to create a pleasant flow of receding or intensifying color up and down the stairs. The apartment’s color palette offers a soft background for the LEGO-inspired touches of colors and the iconic furniture — like the Barcelona Chair — placed throughout the space.


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