Artist Anja Markiewicz Folds Amazingly Tiny Origami Out of Inch-Long Pieces of Paper

20 Feb
















Talk about good things coming in small packages! German artist Anja Markiewicz folds tiny pieces of paper (smaller that an inch long) into these incredible nano-origami creatures. Armed with a toothpick, her skilled hands, and a load of patience, this skillful paper artist gives shape to the most amazing little art pieces.


Cranes, dragons, mice, snowflakes, flowers and all sorts of insects are recreated by paper in an extraordinary scale. Working from her Postdam studio near Berlin, Markiewicz folds her tiny paper sculptures with amazing precision and ethereal elegance. Markiewicz uses the ancient Japanese technique origami – from ori meaning “folding”, and kami or gami meaning “paper” — to replicate the classic crane, butterfly and lily flower in a lilliputian scale.


More details about Anja Markiewicz’s origami art.


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