LivingHomes Debuts Affordable New C6 Prefabricated Home Starting at $179,000

22 Feb


Prefabricated Home 1


Prefabricated Home 2


Prefabricated Home 3


Prefabricated Home 4


Prefabricated Home 5


Renowned modern prefab company LivingHomes just unveiled their brand new LivingHome C6 — the first low-cost, zero energy, zero carbon, LEED Platinum family home available on the market. The beautiful modern prefabricated home, which rings in at an impressively low cost of $179,000, is designed to appeal to small families and couples interested in a cozy house that is energy-efficient, modern, and affordable.


LivingHome’s new C6 prefabricated home is groundbreaking in a world of expensive modern, green prefabs. We’ve been covering modern green prefab on Inhabitat for years, and while there has always been a flood of interest in the concept of modern design, prefabricated homes, the biggest question we always hear from readers is: “Why is this stuff so expensive? Is green design only for the wealthy?”


While the answer to the above question is complicated, and is mainly an issue of low consumer demand and no economy of scale – with the new LivingHomes C6, we’re thrilled to see a mass-market prefabricated home that manages to reach affordability while also maintaining high quality design standards and a modern aesthetic.


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