7 Stunning Green Home Furnishings

24 Feb


7 stunning green home furnishings


Home furnishings:recycled-coffee-stirrer-lamps-from-touch-collective


Home furnishings:tobias-fraenzel-champ


Home furnishings:White Mod Lodge Sideboard


Home furnishings:Eadie-eco-green-armchair-by-Donna-Wilson


Home furnishings:Tetris Shelves


Home furnishings:The Papervore Coffee Table


Decorating your home with home furnishings can be a rewarding way to spend your time and money – and investing in beautiful, eco-friendly furnishings is a great way to express yourself and give any room a boost while supporting the environment.


Recycled Coffee Stirrer Chandelier
This eye-catching lamp might look like a sparkling crystalline chandelier, but it’s actually made from thousands of used coffee stirrers.


Champ: A Sofa that Gives You a Workout
Created by Tobias Fraenzel for famed Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi, this kick-ass chair lets you show your furniture who’s boss.


White Mod Lodge Sideboard
This modern piece features Kirei doors made from reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant, and it’s sure to conjur up calming thoughts of nature with its motif of a wild elk frolicking in the forest.


Eadie Armchair
This charming Eadie Armchair from designer Donna Wilson is sure to add a graphic pop to any room in your pad. Each piece is upholstered with an eye-catching print hand-woven from sustainable natural fibers.


Tetris Shelves
Tetris is a cherished touchstone for anyone who pushed pixellated blocks in the 80′s and 90′s, and these uber-cool Tetris shelves by Brave Space offer the perfect place to stack your favorite photos and treasures today.


Cortica Recycled Cork Chaise Lounge
This gorgeous Cortica cork lounge by DMFD seamlessly blends luxury living with sustainable design. Each lounge is made from 100% recycled cork that originates as the waste material from the bottle stopper industry.


The Papervore Coffee Table
The Papervore Coffee Table is a unique centerpiece that’s sure to spark more than its fair share of dinner party conversations.


These7 gorgeous, green, one-of-a-kind home furnishings  designs that are inspiring, provocative, and sure to get your friends talking at your next dinner party.



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