Japanese Company Will Build 20,000-Mile-High Space Elevator by 2050

24 Feb


space elevator 1


space elevator 2


space elevator 3


space elevator 4


Scientists have long considered the possibility of creating ultra-tall space elevators that stretch beyond the earth’s atmosphere to transport satellites and shuttles into outer space without the cost and environmental impact of rocket fuels. Now a Japanese company specializing in major infrastructure projects called The Obayashi Corporation has announced plans to build a space elevator by 2050, with the aim of taking tourists 20,000 miles above the planet’s surface.


The space elevator is still at the planning stage, but it would see the construction of a spaceport on the planet’s surface with an accompanying space station 22,000 miles up in geosynchronous orbit.


The Obayashi Corporation’s space elevator is designed to take 30 passengers at a time into space at a speed of 125 miles an hour – however this means the trip would still take 8 days. (Can you imagine spending 8 days in an space elevator with a bunch of strangers?)


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