Awesome!Simon Beck Creates Gigantic Snow Art Circles Just by Walking in the Snow!

27 Feb


Simon-Beck-Snow-art 1


Simon-Beck-Snow-art 2


Simon-Beck-Snow-art 3


Simon-Beck-Snow-art 4


Simon-Beck-Snow-art 5


While walking amidst white mountaintops and cozy ski lodges, Simon Beck creates enormous works of snow art that look like giant wintry crop circles. Believe it or not, the immense snow patterns are made entirely by foot – Beck creates them while he walks across the terrain in briquette snow shoes. The ephemeral snow art installations last only until the mountain winds blow them away across the valleys.


Located in the beautiful valley of Savoie, France, Beck’s patterned snow art circles decorate the expanses of the frozen lakes outside of the ski runs at Les Arcs ski resort. Overlooking Mont Blanc, the idyllic ski resort is a wonder of natural beauty – enhanced only by Beck’s designs. As each snow falls, sometimes daily, Beck designs and redesigns his incredible snow art patterns over and over the same site.


The designs of the snow art range from festive snow flakes to trompe- l’oiel three dimensional squares to star bursts and spirograph patterns. Walking extremely carefully, the artist sometimes spends nine hours at a time laying down the meticulous patterned tracks. Each step must be done perfectly the first time, as the soft snow is unforgiving. When the snow is too shallow, Beck has used shovels to create less detailed patterns, still achieving incredible detail. This really shows fantastic snow art!



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