Astonishing! Delicate Feather Art By Ian Davie!

08 Mar


feather art by ian_davie 1


feather art by ian_davie 2


feather art by ian_davie 3


feather art by ian_davie 4


Artist Ian Davie paints directly on swan feathers. His inspiration comes from “… sightings of wildlife, views of habitat or the effects of changing light, seasons and weather, often combined to create the ideal composition.” Thus he have created the fantastic feather art.


Here are notes by Davie about his work:


Painting directly onto feathers brings with it a number of challenges; extensive feather preparation, sympathetic compositions for a small vertical canvas area, delicate brushwork directly onto the feather and careful framing. However painstaking the process, I consider the result of feather art to be worth every effort. I always feel a sense of pride and joy when I have created a finished painting from the blank white canvas of a feather. Although I sometimes feel a pang of regret when one goes, I console myself when I see the joy others get from looking at them.


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