7 Steps to Color Harmony in Your Home

13 Mar



With today’s open floor plans, it has become more difficult to give separate spaces their own personality, yet still blend with adjoining rooms colorful harmoniously. Use these seven tips to blend your space from room to room, layer by layer, creating integrity and harmony throughout your home.


1.  Be Inspired. Adding color to your entire home is like adding color to a single room, just on a larger scale. Inspiration becomes a map that can guide you through the process.


2. Choose 3–5 Colors. From your inspiration, choose two or three neutral colors and one or two accent colors.


3.  Choose Colors with the Same Undertones or in the Same Color Family. What makes beige the right beige? Or white the perfect white?


4.  Alternate Neutral and Accent Colors.


5.  Match Moldings. Matching moldings in all your rooms by painting the trim white or staining wood trim the same color will bring the different colored rooms together, while still allowing each to have its own color personality.


6.  Define with Furnishings, Rugs, Curtains, and Upholstery.


7.  Remind with Accessories. Accessories are a final opportunity to tie the rooms back together, reminding rooms of shared color.


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