Teaching Real kung fu by Shaolin Monks in Stanford

13 Mar




Master Yanran, a Buddhist monk ordained at the legendary Songshan Shaolin Temple in central China, striding into a Stanford campus courtyard, ready to teach Shaolin Kung Fu, the mind-body fitness class sponsored by the university. He was accompanied by six monks, ranging in age from 18 to 27, who wore light blue, belted robes, trimmed in black, bearing the embroidered logo of Shaolin Temple USA.


Master Yanran said Shaolin Kung Fu is different from other martial arts systems because it incorporates the teachings of Buddhism.


“The spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu includes compassion, harmony, diligence and inclusiveness,” he said,  “It is not a brutal fighting system. In addition to self-defense skills, Shaolin Kung Fu exercises also improve the health and overall spirit.”


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