Take a Look at These Magical Photos of Baby Flying in the Air!

13 Mar


baby in flight


baby in flight


baby in flight


baby in flight


While on assignment, photographer Rachel Hulin took a moment to take a photo of her son, Henry, “in flight” — setting up the shot to make it appear as though the baby was floating in midair, she told TIME in an interview. After posting the picture on Facebook, and getting a huge response, she knew she had found something special.


“The photo was sort of magical in an unexpected way and I wanted to make more,” Hulin told TIME. “I felt like the pictures could show the world that babies inhabit that is all their own.”


While Hulin wouldn’t go into the specifics of how the shoots are carried out, she told TIME that she doesn’t ever stage the shots. “I never throw him,” she told the magazine. “And I never move him into a place in the frame that he wasn’t in to begin with. I like Henry to fly the way he feels like it, I never pose him in a specific way.”


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