Alebrijes: A New Tradition in Wood Carving!

13 Mar


wood carving 1


wood carving 2


wood carving 3


wood carving 4


Wood carving is an ancient tradition in Mexico, but little more than 60 years ago, thanks to interest from art dealers and tourists, as well as support for folk art from the Mexican government, some woodworkers morphed their masks carved for feasts and festivals into alebrijes, the hand-carved, brightly painted figures that have become a tradition in their own right.


The shape of that wood carving piece sometimes suggests which animal emerges, while encyclopedias of animals, magazine clippings, and critters from carvers’ daily lives — dogs, cats, pigs, roosters, and lizards — provide additional inspiration.


A newly wood carving piece dries for three of four days before it’s sanded and painted with a solid color base coat. Once that dries, intricate designs are added; fine brushes, a nail head, or even a toothpick may be used to apply tiny dots of color.



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