Knitta Please’s Magda Sayeg Is Covering the World in Yarn!

15 Mar


Magda-Sayeg-Knitta-Please 1








Yarn bombing — the practice of knitting cozy, psychedelic sweaters and scarves for inanimate objects on the street — grew to prominence in the middle of last decade, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Leading the charge is Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please, who has been called “the mother of yarn bombing”. Sayeg has been producing some of the cleverest, most mind-boggling yarn art we’ve ever encountered.


Way back in October 2005, Sayeg founded Knitta Please, a collective of yarn bombers who set to work covering mundane urban objects like parking meters, street signs and lamp posts with colorful yarn. Fast-forward seven years, and Sayeg is still at it, but with time her projects have grown more ambitious and audacious, covering whole cars, buses and motorcycles with yarn.


Like any form of graffiti, there’s a subversive aspect to yarn bombing, but it’s also the rare form of street art that property owners don’t seem to mind, and in fact, they often embrace it. Sayeg has been working on some large commissioned works recently,


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