Beautiful Art Glass for Home Decoration

16 Mar




Art Glass Vase


Kitras Art Glass


Art Glass Vase


Art Glass” has been almost exclusively intended to decorate the home and was historically bought by those who could afford to commission individual work. You can find art glass work widely used in the home decor, from glass vases to glass Sculpture, from oil lamp to table top decoration. The above is a selection of 4 beautiful art glass and hope you enjoy.


1.Heart Paperweight

Heavy but delicate glass art piece and Makes a great gift for any occasion. It brightens up any home or office.


2.Hand Blown Purple & Green Sommerso Wing Art Glass Vase

The hand-blown craftsmanship of the Sommerso technique gives this and all Sommerso vases a strikingly smooth look.


3. Kitras Art Glass – Oil Lamp
Let the varied, vivid colors and warm flame invoke your fondest memories, or contemplate the painful events, that fashioned your life and spirit.


4. Art Glass Vase Tray Bowl Sea Shell
It’s a kind of hand made murano art glass and the vase comes with certificate .



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