School of the Arts—a Vibrant Green Addition to Singapore’s City Center!

19 Mar


WOHA-Singapore-Green-School 1


singapore-school-of-the-arts-by-woha 2


singapore-school-of-the-arts-by-woha 3


singapore-school-of-the-arts-by-woha 4


While most countries have been cutting corners when it comes to the arts, Singapore has heavily invested in a national plan focusing on cultural development, especially amongst its youth.


One of the many projects undertaken, WOHA Architects’ School of the Arts is a brand new specialist high school geared towards education in the visual and performing arts. Settled within a district of 20th century heritage buildings and modern high-rises, the School of the Arts is a spectacular addition that stands on its own with an extensive green roof and a green facade that keeps the interiors cool and the city air clean.


School of the Arts is located in the heart of the Civic district at the edge of the Arts and Entertainment district. The project follows an unconventional model, combining a high-density inner city school with a professional performing arts venue. The primary design strategy was to create two visually connected horizontal strata: one space for public engagement — the “Backdrop” — and the other for classroom activities, private performance instruction and the like, called the “Blank Canvas”.


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