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6 Amazing Works of Art Made Using Recycled Books!


Guy Laramee’s Gorgeous Landscapes Carved Into Books


Brian Dettmer’s Carved Book Sculptures


An Octogonal Building Cell Made Entirely of Books


Alvaro Tamarit’s ’Bench of Thought’


Vanessa Mancini’s ‘Bath of Knowledge’ Tub Made of Books


Vanessa Mancini’s ‘Bath of Knowledge’ Tub Made of Books


E-readers have relegated many old-fashioned books to shelves to collect dust, but thankfully there are a number of artists out there who still see the beauty of bound literature. With a bit of imagination, a keen artistic eye, and killer craftsmanship, these creatives have come up with more than a few awe-inspiring ways to turn unwanted titles into beautiful new works ready to stir hearts and minds once again. From beautiful and detailed landscapes carved into the edges of books to a spiraling Tower of Babel built 80 feet high with prose, to a bathtub lined with the words of Dickens and Chaucer, hit the jump to see 6 of our favorite works of book art that made from recycled books!


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Posted by on March 23, 2012 in Cool Idea